Your Health Care Benefits

Chiropractic Care That Is Covered

After the annual deductible, the Plan pays for chiropractic care at 80% of the allowance. Reimbursement is limited to 26 visits per calendar year.

Fast Facts

  • Medically appropriate chiropractic care for you and your eligible dependents is payable at 80% after you’ve met your annual deductible, subject to the 26 visits per calendar year limit.

What You Need To Do

  • Obtain a referral from your doctor to verify that any chiropractic services are medically appropriate in order for charges to be considered for payment.
  • Contact UHC Prior Authorization Department at 1-800-850-1418.

While services such as manual manipulation and electrical stimulation are generally covered if medically appropriate, the administration of services such as the application of hot packs and cold packs and other routine self-care services are not covered.

What’s Not Covered

  • exercise and wellness regimes and expenses
  • physical therapy by a chiropractor unless referred by a medical physician
  • hot and cold packs
  • aqua therapy
  • routine self-care services
  • nutritional supplements
  • care that is not medically appropriate